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LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of 60+ optimization features and settings.

  • Automatic page caching to greatly improve site performance
  • Image Optimization (Lossless/Lossy) and Combine CSS/JS
  • Lazy-load images/iframes and Free CDN Cache
  • DNS Prefetch, Cloudflare API, Multiple CDN Support
  • WordPress CLI commands, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 & QUIC support
  • PageSpeed score (including Core Web Vitals) optimization
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Cloudflare and LiteSpeed Cache

For your website, LiteSpeed Cache offers a wide range of speed-enhancing options. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin comes with several features, including the ability to optimise databases, pictures, generate important CSS, and reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JS files. In other words, you receive a whole set of tools needed to improve your website.

Simple! The same firm that created LiteSpeed Cache, LiteSpeed Technologies, also offers a CDN solution called And these two are created to function harmoniously together. In actuality, this configuration makes utilising Best Free CDN with WordPress the easiest and most practical configuration. especially given that Cloudflare-like reverse proxy CDN provider

Best Free CDN lscache

Free CDN Services and Features

Global Delivery’s highly scalable, feature rich, global content delivery network is built on top of LiteSpeed’s state-of-the-art server stack. Reach your visitors fast, no matter where they live.Serves your WordPress sites at the network edge with low TTFB.

QUIC and HTTP/3 Library can now provide content via the cutting-edge HTTP/3 internet protocol thanks to LiteSpeed’s open source, fully functional LSQUIC library. is the first and only Free CDN that supports HTTP/3 connections from client to backend server.

LiteSpeed Cache CDN is connected with LiteSpeed’s highly flexible WordPress caching solution. This collaboration enables accurate caching of dynamic material at the CDN level. With a private cache and ESI support, it caches complicated dynamic material.

Security Feature

Reduces large-scale brute-force assaults that are frequent in WordPress settings. Under unusually heavy traffic levels, CDN-level reCAPTCHA kicks in to challenge non-Trusted visitors. Provides powerful Layer-7 DDoS prevention, including (WAF) Rules.

DNS Service

The FREE built-in DNS solution from allows you to potentially simplify your site’s Best Free CDN setup with automated DNS configuration. It improves geographic routing results when used in conjunction with the Free CDN service our Best Web Hosting package

Image & Page Optimization

The 100% FREE Image Optimization service from analyses your supplied photographs and provides the lowest feasible images without losing quality. Reduce picture size using various optimization approaches, and boost LCP for Core Web Vitals.

Our Free, Powerful Free CDN Network

Cloudflare’s DNS speed testing results

You may utilise Cloudflare’s DNS and Free CDN for your website, as well as LiteSpeed Cache. See the DNS speed testing results of the best providers below by DNSPerf to see how fast Cloudflare is. See how quickly Cloudflare’s CDN performs in CDNPerf testing. As you can see, Cloudflare performs admirably in both tests. As a result, it outperforms the majority of other paid suppliers.

Free CDN Benchmark Overview

Other plugins just cannot compete with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress’s sophisticated cache-management features. This leads to more page requests per second and improved WordPress site speed! We compared HTTP/2 implementations from LiteSpeed Web Server, nginx, and Apache when it came to loading WordPress. LiteSpeed outperformed nginx by up to 12X and Apache by an astounding 84X! For each server, the finest WordPress cache plugins were used: LSCache for LiteSpeed, FastCGI Cache for nginx, and W3 Total Cache for Apache. LiteSpeed Web Server performs 5X faster than Nginx and 28X faster than Apache when loading WordPress.

Free CDN wordpress-performance-server

Our Free, Powerful CDN Network

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SmartHoster is cutting-edge, inventive, and ground-breaking (unique in the hosting industry) since it was created especially for WordPress websites and shared web hosting services to provide extremely high website performance and security. That’s why we don’t provide VPS, Dedicated Server, Reseller Hosting, or Domain Registration due to this. Instead, as our support has been acknowledged as being among the finest, we instead focus our resources on the job of Award-winning & in-house support.View Best Web Hosting Demo

Our business has been kept in private hands since the beginning, and we make a commitment to keeping it that way for the next 100 years!
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If you already have a website and are thinking about switching web hosts, you’ll need help migrating. All of your data may be safely and accurately moved with the help of SmartHoster’s Best Web Hosting migration service. The process of migrating your website can be time-consuming and quite difficult, therefore we want to provide you the finest assistance from our team.

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Your data and websites are secure and under constant observation thanks to our cutting-edge data centres, which include the most recent security technology and are staffed around-the-clock. For the greatest hosting experience, we offer a robust nationwide network and an enterprise-level cloud platform. Their headquarters are in Reading, UK.

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The vast web of servers that makes up the cloud is the internet. Businesses utilise cloud servers so that customers may access the data and software they run online. Cloud hosting is the practise of a service provider, such as SmartHoster, giving clients access to all the cloud computing resources they require, such as storage, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth.