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Infinite Possibilities Each theme has a variety of headers that you can simply change, hundreds of fonts to select from, and over 100 pre-defined color schemes that you can also alter. You may effortlessly import a template to replace your current look from the built-in Website Builder. Support for Social Media: Include Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking buttons in your website’s header menu, footer, or anywhere else on the page.

Packed with best Website Builder

SitePad Website Builder

Create a truly custom website with all these extra features included at no extra cost!

SmartHoster Website Builder comes with beautiful base templates that you can easily customize: replace default photos with your own to give it a unique look, modify the design, style, colors, or fonts of a header, and so on.

Mobile-Friendly – Fully Responsive: You’re developing your website on your desktop, and it will look wonderful on all desktop devices, as well as mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices: the contents of your website will automatically adjust to the size of the viewer’s screen. This design is not only user-friendly, but it is also Google-friendly.

SmartHoster.UK Best Website Builder in UK 2022
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With the quickest speeds, impenetrable security, and recognised in-house support, we wish to give our clients the finest Unlimited Web Hosting experience possible.


An unparalleled fair company in every sense! Great hosting, a plethora of tools, outstanding customer service, and overall excellence:) The £2.45 monthly price is amazing and unique.

An unparalleled fair company in every…

Huge service, great prices! I was looking for a new hosting provider not long ago and thank god I found a smarthoster company. While most companies would be like this, it is highly recommended for smaller companies.

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I highly recommend SmartHoster.UK! Really impressed with the services supplies by Smart Hosting UK. Great value, at great prices.

Someone famous in Source Title
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Website Builder – Packed with features

Powerful, reliable and easy to use Website Builder for every occasion.

Search Engine Optimisation features
SEO friendly links
Google Analytics support
Google XML sitemap support
Google website submission
Custom meta tags
HTML, CSS and JavaScript are supported
Fast, secure UK servers
Publish unlimited pages
Website Builder Key features
Build contemporary, responsive websites
Choose from hundreds of easily designs
Publish unlimited pages, sub-pages
Help centre with videos and knowledgebase
Hundreds of web-friendly fonts
Thousands of customisation possibilities
Over 500,000 free professional photos
User-friendly file uploader and manager

Feature-rich web hosting

SmartHoster is revolutionary, pioneering, and cutting edge because designed from the ground up for WordPress websites and shared web hosting services for optimal website performance. Our team of professionals will take care of every aspect of your web hosting needs and make sure you are 100% satisfied every step of the way. Migrating to us is easy, free, completely secure, without downtime and data loss with one click!

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Publish with one click

Simply select a theme, edit the material, and add any additional media before clicking “Publish.”

More than 500 Themes

500 and Up and Use themes as a foundation to begin creating your individual and responsive website.

More than 40 Widgets

Easy to use Rich Text, Video, Audio, Service Box, Image Galleries, Google Maps, and more

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Websites created by SitePad creates responsive websites that work with all screen widths.

Pages That Stay Static

For better site performance, SitePad publishes static web pages (HTML, CSS, and JS) to your domain.

Simple to Apply

Without technical expertise, anybody can design stunning websites using a simple drag and drop interface.

Single Website



It’s an excellent solution if you merely have a website or blog and have no plans to expand. Regular price: £4.99/month

  • 1 Websites Hosted – Unlimited cPanel Features
  • 10GB NVMe Web Space
  • Free Unlimited SSL
  • Free Daily & Weekly Backups
  • Free Web Site Builder
Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Website



A fantastic option for customers who have many websites or blogs. Regular price: £9.99/month

  • Unlimited Unique Websites Hosted
  • 50GB NVMe Web Space
  • Free SSL & Daily Backups
  • CDN + Imunify360
  • LVE: 2GB RAM, 2CPU, 50EP