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Infinite combinations, infinite possibility Thousands of free add-ons allow your site to never outgrow itself. Whatever your idea, there is always a plugin to it! More than 40% of websites are based on WordPress.

Lightning fast, WordPress Optimised Web Hosting

We start from the bottom up to ensure that your hosting experience is the best it can be. To ensure maximum WordPress speed, we've adjusted everything down to the operating system of our servers. we provide the best wordpress web hosting in UK.Most servers, whether shared or dedicated, are intended to function in a variety of scenarios, not only with WordPress they are generalists. Meanwhile, our hosting includes thousands of rules particularly intended to enhance your WordPress hosting experience. Your business is essential to us, and we want to ensure that your website has the lightweight back-end code and finely tuned servers it need to function at its best. We do extensive back-end optimization to make your WordPress site fast, scalable, reliable, and safe. Although WordPress hosting does not guarantee faster page loading times, it does provide you an advantage over standard web hosting. Standard web hosting, on the other hand, provides you more control over all parts of your website, which may be important for more experienced users.

This form of hosting is also less expensive overall, however the price difference may be negligible for shared plans. Many businesses charge the same starting price for all shared hosting packages, so make sure to read the features to understand what you're receiving.

We can simplify and design for the CMS that is most important to us and our clients by concentrating on WordPress hosting optimization.

WordPress Caching Built on the Server

We created our own caching mechanism for WordPress and our systems. It outperforms plugins and does not slow down your site because it operates on the server side. Because of our LSCache technology, your content will be served 4 to 6 times quicker than on non-SmartHoster sites. Even better, it will be immediately deployed to all non-staging installations in your SmartHoster account.

Tools Included Created for WordPress

Because all of our technologies are geared to improve WordPress, we can provide excellent tools to support your WordPress website. You may build a staging site, manage automatic and on-demand backups, toggle multisite installations on and off, configure SSL, and much more from a single dashboard.

WordPress-Specific Technical Staff

SmartHoster does more than just host your website; we strive to improve it. Our technical staff is made up of WordPress experts that are continuously looking for ways to improve our platform and services so that you have the best managed WordPress hosting experience possible.

WordPress optimized hosting is a multi-pronged approach to WordPress that encompasses the tools and technology, as well as the people and know-how, to improve the performance of your site. It's more than just web hosting; it's a full managed WordPress experience intended to drive your success and free you up to focus on growing your brand and business.

While having more features is wonderful, we all know that the most essential service a hosting business can provide is assistance. SmartHoster offers the most experienced support staff in the managed WordPress hosting industry. So, if something goes wrong with your website, you have a support crew that works in a WordPress hosting environment every day. Our WordPress specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Friendly Support

We are here every day of the week to help with any questions you may have. Our support team has many years of experience so that we can provide meaningful support as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re stuck or just want some tips on where to start, hit up our experts anytime!

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